Quality workblades, templates & guides to suit all machines

Workblades (workrest blades) are available in a variety of widths, lengths and shapes. The wear surface can be made up of sintered carbide, high speed steel, dense cast iron or aluminium bronze (Ampco). All materials are aimed to get the best results from your grinder!

Engineering Advantages: We can accurately manufacture workblades with a blade thickness of 0.4mm (0.016″) and formers with a tolerance of half a micron.

We hold large stocks of tooling to suit many machines including those of the most popular grinding machine manufacturers: Cincinnati, Ghiringhelli, Petewe, Paragon, Estarta, Lidkoping, Jainnher, Wickman Scrivener, B.S.A, Nomoco, Malcus, Seny, Koyo & Dedtru etc. We also supply and repair thread rolling workblades for machines such as Steinle and Pee Wee.

Tooling Design & Manufacture

Tooling Packages to suit any make of grinding machine

We provide tooling packages for all types of centreless grinders.

  • Complete design & manufacture of tooling packages to suit any make of centreless grinder.
  • From original component process drawing to complete manufactured tooling package – all in-house.
  • Grinding & control wheel formers, workblades, component back stops, pick up fingers, etc.
  • Special accessories available : universal outboard support vees, pneumatic ejector units, oem & universal guide arm assemblies, overhead guide supports.

Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheels for centreless, cylindrical, internal & more

We have comprehensive range of products including grinding wheels.

Control Wheels

Rubber control wheels for centreless grinding applications

We have a comprehensive range of products


Diamond tools for dressing & truing of abrasive wheels

Some precautions when setting up a diamond tool

  • Be sure diamond holder is securely held with minimum overhang.
  • Be sure diamond is not cracked, burned or flatted.
  • Be sure, whilst dressing, the diamond is not subjected to excessive shocks or bumps.
  • For best grinding finishes be sure diamond cutting angle is not too sharp.
  • Be sure, whilst dressing, the contact point of the diamond receives plenty of coolant.
  • Whilst dressing, diamond cuts should not exceed 0.001″ per pass.

Dormer Spares

Available from Workblades & Formers

We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts including:

  • Jaw bits
  • Grinding wheels
  • Protrusion gauges
  • Ratchett springs
  • Drill end stops
  • Wheel form gauges
  • Operating instruction manuals

We have a comprehensive range of products